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Community Recycling for Organic Produce



(a more complete list of seeds in the collection available here other seeds may be available on request)
- Threshing grain using modern technology
Bulgarian version here


We welcome WWOOF volunteers (www.wwoofbulgaria.org) . If you would like to volunteer here, please go to www.wwoofbulgaria.org and register, or just contact us direct on 00359 (0) 885339274, email driansanders[at]gmail.com

About us

Our farm is a beautiful permaculture farm in a rustic rural beauty spot in the Stara Planina mountains, 1 hour by train north from Sofia. We live in a small community of organic farms. We help farm 11,000 m2 of beautiful mountain land, in the scenic Iskar Gorge region.

We are 2km up the mountain from the nearest town, population 2,000 with train station, school shops and cafes, good connection with Sofia, 10 trains per day.

The farm is accessible by foot from Tserovo, come with light bags because The walk up mountain can be hard. Download our map of how to get here from http://www.cropscheme.org/gettingtocrop.JPG For more info to come to our farm contact us, through this network or our Facebook page for the farm, info above.

Getting to us by Car

You can get to the farm by car via the village of Jelen in dry weather. Down load this map to help you but the road is difficult http://www.cropscheme.org/allroutestocrop.JPG


Work can include any of the following depending on season, planting, transplanting, weeding, composting, mulching, tree planting, fence building, dry stone walling, eco-building (mixing cob mix), digging ponds, animal husbandry, harvesting fruit and vegetables, preserving, wood chopping and some general help at the farm. Hours are 37 hours per week, with two days off at the weekend, some of the more skilled work and systems at the farm will need a bit of training to do or understand, therefore, we do training sessions for the volunteers. These are not compulsory but they are very interesting and educational and after training you will be able to help with this work. The training sessions given are not included in the 37hours and you will be given time to select which skills you would like to learn or improve on what you already know.


Cheese making


soap making,

Seed saving,

permaculture gardens,

Yogurt making,

Bread making,

Fruit preserving,

Mushroom picking and preserving

Cob building,

Grey water systems,

Animal husbandry,

Fire making

Working and living with wood,

Soil nutrients and feeding soils,

Ian is an agricultural scientist with 20 years training and experience farming sustainably and he is a specialist in clover and grass (he knows a lot about feeding soil :)

In return for your help you will be given comfortable accommodation in a shared room and 3 meals per day on you working days. On your days off you will supply and cook for yourself. There is a kitchen for your use in the volunteers house. Take a good look at our pics :)

FOOD: Our food is homemade wholefoods, we cater for vegan, vegetarian and meat eaters. We produce a large amount of food from the farm and can supply volunteers with milk, cheese, salad & vegetables depending on season and many preserves.


We prefer it if you contact us by telephone or text on

00359 (0) 885339274 We also have an email address at catriona_brady@cropscheme.org
and we have
a page on facebook Our postal address is
CROP Foundation
Cherni Kamuk
The best way to reach us is to get the train to Tserovo, about 1 hour north of Sofia and then follow the route marked on the map here here which is about a 1 hour walk uphill
If you contact us in advance with your time of arrival in Tserovo, we may be able to meet you. We are NOT close to Jelen train station, so please get train to Tserovo

If you would like to send us a donation please use the link here to our paypal account, thank you ;-). You can even suggest to us what you would like the cash to go towards